What To Look For When Getting Charlotte NC Apartments

What To Look For When Getting Charlotte NC Apartments

If you are renting an apartment there are things you must always check before you get the place. Here are tips on what to look for if you are renting Charlotte NC apartments.

Cell Reception
Most people get into an apartment then find out later that there are some rooms with cell reception issues. When you go to view the place, try and make a call in every room of the apartment. If you find that most of the place has static when you make a call then this is not the right place.

Loose Boards
Walk around the place and see if there are any loose floorboards. If there are any loose floorboards then ensure you ask the building manager to have them fixed before you make any payments. You should also check that there are no signs of mold on the floor or on the walls.

It is crucial that you open the windows and make sure that they open properly and also close without strain. The glass should be clean as well. Check the window sills to see if there are any signs of mold.

Sockets And Switches
You should also check that the sockets all work. You can try plugging in your phone charger to see whether it will work. Do this for all the sockets. Switch the lights on to see if they are working. If not, confirm that it is not just a burnt bulb. You can also look at the fuse box to ensure that there is no damage.

Confirm that all the locks on the doors work properly, especially the front door of the apartment. Ask the building manager if he has a set of keys to your apartment as there are places where this is the case.

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